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Review the comments from some of my past and present satisfied clients. 

"Dan, Brock and I just wanted to check in and say thanks for helping us get our mortgage all set up - you were really great and we appreciate you taking time to meet with us and explain everything! We strongly recommend you to anyone without hesitation. We are all moved in to the new house and settling in ... Thank You Again!!! I have a few friends who are looking into buying their first homes as well, so I've passed your card on to them!

Talk to you soon"

Jamie & Brock Waltz, 
Thamesford Ontario

"Dan, our mortgage representative was absolutely fantastic; we were so impressed and surprised. We had gone to several banks and mortgage brokers and heard the same old decline for over a year, and thank god Dan was recommedned to us, with one meeting he had advised us of the problem and had us correct it and within 24 hours Dan had us a pre-approval and with a better 5 year fixed rate than banks. We had bought our 1st dream home. Without Dan's professionalism, knowledge and confidence we would have been going threw the same old declines with all these other brokers and banks. We have highly recommended Dan to all our family, friends and co-workers.

Thanks again for all your hard work"
Edwin & Amanda Armstrong

"My husband Doug and I would like to express our heartfelt thanks to yourself for your courteous and professional service.

We have never know of another Mortgage broker that would put the time required to get our mortgage financing completed. You completed financing for 100% and then one year later renegotiated our mortgage and got us a better rate as you told us from the beginning.

We would like you to know Dan that we would highly recommend you to family and friends with full confidence. We have come out of this deal very happy knowing you gave us your word and delivered. You have treated us with respect and earned our confidence during our times together.

Thank you."

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Robillard
Woodstock, Ontario

"Hi Dan. We just wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the work you did for us in helping to get us our house. It was greatly appreciated and will never be forgotten. We are sure we couldn't have done it without you !! Thank You.

Thanks again."
Gary & Terri Rutherford

"When we began to look for a mortgage, our realtor recommended we talk to Dan Efsthateu.

We called and within 30 minuets we had our answer. Dan had found us a company willing to take a chance with us and he quickly and confidentially helped us file the paperwork.

He spoke with our realtor to let him know what was going on and within a few days we had completed the offer on our dream home.

Dan followed us through the entire procedure, calling frequently to ensure we were comfortable with the proceedings. He quickly answered all calls placed to him and was always cheerful and respectful.

We would recommend Dan's service and competence to anyone seeking funding for a mortgage. We expect when our term is up for renewal we will be calling him again.

Thank you. "

Sandy and Henri Callebert

"Dan worked very hard of our behalf to obtain our first mortgage. He made the entire process much smoother than if we did it on our own.

We especially appreciated the home service that Dan provided us. It was much more comfortable dealing with all the paperwork in the privacy of our home, rather than going to an office.

Thank you Dan, without your service we may have not gotten

our home.

Thank You."

Gord and Janice Millard,
Woodstock, Ontario