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About Mortgage Edge

Mortgage Edge is a licensed mortgage originator, comprised of a large team of highly trained mortgage professionals, with extensive knowledge and exposure to the Canadian Mortgage Market for the past 25 years. With extensive backgrounds in Banking, Financial Consulting, Real Estate, and other related fields, our mortgage consultants will not only take the time to arrange a mortgage for you, but will also ensure that the financing we arrange is best suited to your individual needs.

Mortgage Edge Agents offer you unbiased professional personalized service for your mortgage requirements, with the most competitive rates, and flexible financing options.

Our service to you is FREE as a qualified borrower*, and we work with you from the time we arrange a pre-approval for you, right up until the closing day of your mortgage. Our consultants are compensated by the lender that we ultimately close your mortgage with, much like your insurance broker does when arrangements are made for your home or auto insurance.

By dealing with us at Mortgage Edge, we help you save on two of your most valuable commodities in today’s fast paced environment, TIME and MONEY. The best part about all of this is we do all of the work for you during the entire process.

We have access to over 35 different lenders, including the banks, trust companies, insurance companies, self-insured lenders, and many more. This leverage allows us to negotiate for the BEST mortgage product and rate for you. In fact in many cases, we end up negotiating a better mortgage for you with your own financial institution, and the best part about it is, it costs you nothing for our service since they pay us.

At Mortgage Edge, you apply once, and only once, with only one credit inquiry on your credit bureau. This is crucial to you because, your application can be viewed by all lenders through our highly secure system, without affecting your credit score. Too many inquiries through too many lenders, may ultimately cost you, so let the professionals do the shopping for you.

For more information on my FREE service as a qualified borrower, and how we can help you find the BEST mortgage for you, please phone me at 1-519-290-2130 or contact me via email.